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Leadership Assessment Solutions

Our Assessment Solutions include comprehensive behaviorally-based interviews to assess past behaviors against critical success factors of the role. Interviews include a detailed examination of the candidate's education and work history, their self-view as shown by their awareness of strengths and limitations, and their desired career path. 

With more comprehensive intelligence on your leaders’ strengths and gaps, you can create more target development plans that make an impact. 

For leaders, the compelling insights that come from assessment feedback are also their catalysts for transformation, making development more personal and meaningful.

Gain powerful insights that optimize focused development:

  • 360-degree multi-rater feedback that identifies strengths and development needs for individuals and teams.

  • 180-degree feedback comparing the leader’s perception of their style as compared to their team’s perspective.

  • Emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, personality attributes and work styles that provide greater self-awareness.


  • Close examination of the success factors relevant to the specified position by trained organizational psychologists.

  • The best and latest in personality testing tools

  • Use of formal and well-designed behaviorally-based interview guides

  • Developmentally focused, written assessment reports with suggestions and recommendations.

  • Timely and comprehensive feedback to the hiring manager, HR professionals  and other key individuals critical to the candidate's success.

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