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EXECUTIVE Assessment Solutions

Our Executive Assessment Solutions include comprehensive behaviorally-based interviews to assess past behaviors against critical success factors of the role.


Interviews include a detailed examination of the candidate's education and work history, their developmental history, their self-view as shown by their awareness of strengths and limitations, and their desired career path. 

Use third-party behavioral and leadership assessments that can include  Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), DiSC, 16PF, Watson Glaser, Hogan and others.


  • Close examination of the success factors relevant to the specified position by trained organizational psychologists.

  • The best and latest in personality testing tools

  • Use of formal and well-designed behaviorally-based interview guides

  • Developmentally focused, written assessment reports with suggestions and recommendations.

  • Timely and comprehensive feedback to the hiring manager, HR professionals  and other key individuals critical to the candidate's success.

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