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Leadership Competency Modeling Development

Identifying and defining competencies – the desired knowledge, skills and attributes of your employees – are critical initial steps in the development of any effective talent strategy. Competencies set a solid foundation for your company’s talent strategy and culture. It provides leaders and employees with the expectations and behaviors that foster a culture where people bring their best to work each day.  Competency models are unique to every company. To be truly valuable, competency models must be customized.


  • Recruitment and Sourcing: Finding talent with the right mix of skills, behaviors and culture fit ensures top performance in your organization.

  • Professional Development: Discovering employee strengths and development area allows you to build a better workforce, foster professional development and increase retention.

  • Performance Management: Measuring performance based on role, responsibility and business goals specific to each employee across your enterprise.

  • Rewards and Compensation: Promoting and rewarding top performance based on objective and clearly defined benchmarks created for your organization.

  • Succession Planning: Planning and developing key personnel who will lead your company into the future.

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